Burroughs Class of 1965

Sherman E. Burroughs High School

Ridgecrest, California U.S.A

Junior-Senior Prom May 8, 1965

Junior-Senior Prom Court

Queen Kathy Byrd

Princesses Julie Nelson and Gwen Sprouse


On May 8 the junior and senior classes spent an "Evening in Paris." The Eiffel Tower loomed majestically over the prom. Entering through the Arc de Triomphe, the guests danced in Paris streets far into the night. French pastries were served at sidewalk cafes which surrounded the dance floor.

Tom Allen and Karen Bjorklund, Jr-Sr Prom 1964

Bill Tongate and Karen Allison

Sharlene Vines & Terry Hogue, Prom 1965.

Janis Little and Glenn Pritchard, Jr. Prom

Karen Bjorklund and Jim Heflin, Jr-Sr Prom 1965

Sharlene Vines and Terry Houge, Jr-Sr Prom 1965

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