Burroughs Class of 1965

Sherman E. Burroughs High School

Ridgecrest, California U.S.A

Friday Night Welcome Party at the 50th Reunion, February 26, 2016

BHS '65 Reunion HQ

Temecula Creek Inn

44501 Rainbow Canyon Rd.

Temecula, CA 92593

(888) 976-3404

E-Blast Archives (in case you missed one)


Reunion Weekend Reviews


 Thanks Again!!!!

Kären, Charlotte and Karen, Thanks again for organizing and promoting the reunion. I had a great time and so did everyone else. Temecula is a beautiful setting, the Inn was comfortable, the meals excellent, and most of all the atmosphere was relaxed and conducive to both group and more private socializing. Everyone commented on how great the website was. Thank you for putting your heads and hearts together to make this such a memorable event. Once consequence of the weekend is that many of us have reconnected and will continue to keep in touch with each other. A job well done!!!

     Love, Gene (Saint-Amand)


 Thanks for the reunion

Dear Kären and Charlotte—

Thanks for your magnificent efforts on the reunion.  I really enjoyed it all; hope you all did, too.

All the very best.

     –Rob (Johnson)



Hi Kären, Karen, and Charlotte,

Thank you SO much!!  It was fabulous!  (I'm sad, though, that my darn cold forced me to leave a little early last night and to skip this morning--my throat finally said "enough".)

     All your planning and hard work made it a very nice evening.  Really wonderful to see everyone!  Isn't it amazing that the years melt away when you're talking?  The venue/food/decorations were great, the turn-out was amazing, the program was fun, and the website and e-book are incredible.

     Thank you so much for all you did to create such special memories for all of us.

     So... reunion at 55 years?? :)

Hope we stay in touch.  Thank you again for everything!

    –Fran  (Riggs) Fenical


 Re: Wow!

Hi gals,

     I want to add my thanks and kudos!  Everything was wonderful – so well organized, classy and so much fun!  We know it took a ton of planning and you must need a vacation now that it is over!!

     Having the website and e-book will help us all keep in touch and they are fabulous!

It is amazing how much we have all changed…..yet stayed the same in all of the essential ways.

     I have to admit that while I was looking forward to the event – it far exceeded my expectations.  And, it would not have happened without your leadership, determination and hard work.

     You know you are not off the hook – right?  #55 is just around the corner ;}

     With a smile on my face,

     –Julie (Nelson) Rich


A big thank you for all your work on the class of 1965 reunion. It was superb, if Dale and I are judges of such things at all.

She liked it far more than her own 50-year reunion last year, for sure. And we felt welcome and appropriately there, thanks to your initial kindness, and your invitation to your table Saturday night, which was mercifully away from the sound system!  – Kudos to you, Karen, and everyone else on the reunion committee. You guys hit a home run there. Burros and Burroughs forever!

     –Roy Shults ('66), for Dale and me both


Thanks for the Great Reunion

Dear Kären, Charlotte and Karen:

I have been trying to compose an elegant thank you for the wonderful job you did in putting on our reunion for three weeks now, but I seem to be paralyzed with some kind of overload of great memories.  Memories of the reunion and I guess my entire childhood.  I was blessed to grow up in a pleasant place and I was blessed to grow up and go to school (K through 12!) with friendly, considerate, caring people.  Thank you so much for providing such a great way to enjoy those memories and make more that are really heart warming.  All the best.  Roy (Randolph)


Text from Joan Fisher

… I don’t know if you fully realize what you have done for Burroughs H.S. ‘65’ers!  A lot of life enrichment going on..!  God’s hand on you to guide this!  We were ALL blessed by it!